New Year’s DreamChicken

Group deal/coupon websites are all the rage, so far my favorite one is “DealChicken” but you are probably more familiar with Groupon.   I believe New Year’s Resolutions are kind of like “Groupon’s” for your dreams. If you are unfamiliar with these group coupon websites the basic idea is the website strikes up deals with local businesses with outrageous deals like 50%... read more

What is Your Story…..Dreams, Goals, Life in 2010

What is Your Story? As many of you approach the new year you might be inclined to take on a tradition suspect in its  success… “New Year’s Resolutions.” I am a huge fan of the “MashUp” and thought we could team up a tradition with a technique. The art of storytelling is a technique of master public speakers.  Just as pictures are worth a thousand words a story or a... read more