What Bloggers & Marketers Can Learn from Pumpkins

What can you learn from a Pumpkin? Last week I was out picking up lunch for my wife and I passed a “farmers market” selling pumpkins.  Alright, I admit it was not much of a “farmers market” it was the strip mall’s parking lot.  But a real farmer had a trailer load of some great looking pumpkins. 50 cents a pound was a little steep but these were “round hard walled... read more

Marketing Tips by Jack Handey

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man. – Jack Handey Deep Thoughts Extended by Brian Monahan The Biggest Man claims his work and laughs at the man crying who wishes he would have claimed his idea years ago when he first thought it up, before the biggest man got credit for it. -Brian Monahan, Expert in the Rough Most of you are familiar... read more

My Favorite Pet Peeves

My Favorite Pet Peeves….a redundant statement of favorite peeves, could it be?  A sickening list of things that bother me so much that I actually list them as my “Pet Peeves.” Have you ever really stopped to think about what a “Pet Peeve” is?  A list of your favorite peeves.  I say that is just plain stupid but “There is gold in those hills.” Sales and... read more