Inspiration Expiration

Inspiration is a lot like a gallon of milk.  It expires if you don’t drink it. Inspiration is unlike milk in that if you drink it (act on it) it is like an endless jug.  It automatically replenishes itself and leads to more and better inspirations. If you are finding yourself in a creative rut you are probably not at a loss for ideas but stuck in fear or doubt.  The inspiration is probably there... read more

Leaving Your Mind Fallow

One of the best ways to boost your creativity is by creating a little space.  In today’s “Over Information Age” we are bombarded with posts, articles, videos, status updates and sp^m.  Our cups runneth over and all the info is going down the drain. I suggest the semi-modern concept of leaving your “Fields Fallow.”  Farmers learned a long time ago that if you plant the same... read more

Who Is A Sacred Soul?

Not Me! At least that was my answer for the last 39 years of my life.  I had never even considered the fact that I might be a sacred soul or an important person.  I had created a belief about life that my worth comes from what I do and otherwise I have no intrinsic value. Now that is a pretty drastic statement, I have “No Intrinsic Value.”  Meaning my value is based on what I do or bring to... read more

1 Post plus 10 Visitors Equals 3 Babies.

10 People stopped by my website yesterday.  I am not sure who they are.  I do know they were on Drew Rozell’s website first, thanks to my Google Analytics, which gathers way too much information.  I average around 15 visits to my website a day so this was an unusual circumstance. When I saw this my heart pitter-pattered a bit.  Maybe Drew, my former personal coach and somebody I look up to, may... read more

Tag Your Notebooks, Tips for Idea Generation

I admit I am a bit of an “Idea Junky” in fact some have dubbed me the “IdeaManiac.”  My bad habit is buying notebooks.  I am addicted to capturing my ideas. Recently I came up with an idea.  Imagine that! Tag or categorize my ideas.  I now have different notebooks for different inspirations.  My biggest idea generator is running, however, I am inspired by just about anything. ... read more

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