Google Docs, My Blogging Buddy

Besides my addiction to notebooks and notepads, I have an addiction for Google Tools.  One of my favorite Google Tools is Google Docs.  Google Docs is a free web based word processor.  It has most of the features of Microsoft Word and has a few other benefits Word cannot offer.  Those benefits include online collaboration, sharing and search capabilities to name a few. If you are addicted to ideas like... read more

Tag Your Notebooks, Tips for Idea Generation

I admit I am a bit of an “Idea Junky” in fact some have dubbed me the “IdeaManiac.”  My bad habit is buying notebooks.  I am addicted to capturing my ideas. Recently I came up with an idea.  Imagine that! Tag or categorize my ideas.  I now have different notebooks for different inspirations.  My biggest idea generator is running, however, I am inspired by just about anything. ... read more