Inspiration Expiration

Inspiration is a lot like a gallon of milk.  It expires if you don’t drink it. Inspiration is unlike milk in that if you drink it (act on it) it is like an endless jug.  It automatically replenishes itself and leads to more and better inspirations. If you are finding yourself in a creative rut you are probably not at a loss for ideas but stuck in fear or doubt.  The inspiration is probably there... read more

The Real Risk and Reward

Have you ever been REAL? It is my belief the biggest risk you will ever take in your life is not being real. So many people I know are trapped living someone else’s life or vision. People do this for various reasons, peer pressure, fear of rejection, family values or other social reasons.  I can understand why this happens, maybe you have been made fun of or felt the disappointment in you by a... read more