Expert in the Rough Gets Some New Digs

It’s been well over two years since I launched Expert in the Rough and its threads were getting a little frayed. This theme will better serve my new personal coaching business.  More on that in a later post. In the mean time, if you find any challenges leave me a... read more

Do You PK?

Do You PK? I do and so does Cincinnati!  Sleepy and conservative Cincinnati has joined the international movement known as Pecha Kucha Night. You are probably thinking Pecha Kucha, isn’t that one of the Pokémon characters and why is Cincinnati celebrating a “Pocket Monster?”  I don’t blame you for the confusion.  Pecha Kucha and Pokémon do have a common root as they are both... read more

My Favorite Pet Peeves

My Favorite Pet Peeves….a redundant statement of favorite peeves, could it be?  A sickening list of things that bother me so much that I actually list them as my “Pet Peeves.” Have you ever really stopped to think about what a “Pet Peeve” is?  A list of your favorite peeves.  I say that is just plain stupid but “There is gold in those hills.” Sales and... read more

RSS Till You Drop

If you are “blogged” down with too much content, RSS, is your answer. You have surely seen the letters “RSS” or the “Feed Icon” around he internet. If you’re a “Web 2.0 Expert” you can go ahead and skip this post but for those of you who are still getting your feet wet; this is they key to filtering the muck without blowing up your spam filter. I have... read more

SquiDon’t Dismiss This Website

SquiDoo, take me seriously on this one! Squidoo is a serious website with a silly name.  Quite simply Squidoo is a website that allows you to host free one page websites on any topic of your desire.  Squidoo calls these web pages “Lenses.”  A “Lens” is basically your take or “view” about your chosen topic.  The idea is your lens will help others focus on what is... read more

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