Is Your Blog in a Recession?

A “Blog Recession” is when you do not post to your blog on consecutive days equal to your average weekly posts minus seven times two. Blog Recession Formula: My blog is 19 Weeks old and I have 48 posts. Average weekly posts equal 2.53 posts per week. 7 – 2.53 = 4.47 4.47 x 2 = 8.94 days. Therefore, if I do not post for 8.94 days my blog is in a recession. In fact I did not post to my... read more

Liberate Your Voice

Liberate your voice.  If you can’t get past the censor inside, you will never get past the censor in cyberspace. A quick way to liberate your voice is to write mad. Now try the flip side; simmer down and write nicely on the same subject. Which one is more interesting? So why are you writing nice?   read more