Google Docs, My Blogging Buddy

Besides my addiction to notebooks and notepads, I have an addiction for Google Tools.  One of my favorite Google Tools is Google Docs.  Google Docs is a free web based word processor.  It has most of the features of Microsoft Word and has a few other benefits Word cannot offer.  Those benefits include online collaboration, sharing and search capabilities to name a few. If you are addicted to ideas like... read more

Béla Károlyi, Don’t Be a “Half-Blogger”

Béla Károlyi is not only a fabulous gymnastic coach, he is also a great example of how to manage your “Expert” opinion. Pete Blackshaw recently posted about how Béla Károlyi had nearly surpassed Bob Costas with media and blog mentions.  Now this may not seem significant but Costas easily has 10 times the exposure as Károlyi during the Olympics but people are interested in Károlyi. Of... read more

Blog Away, Reasons or Excuses?

Scott Ginsberg, The Name Tag Guy wrote today about the frequent question he gets, “Should I Blog?.” He has a list of 15 compelling reason’s why you should blog.  Good thing there is a guy like Scott out there.  Because I am sure you have a list of 15 “compelling” excuses why not to blog. So here is #16 for Scott: Blog because people need your reasons to be great and if you... read more