EITR User Manual

Expert in the Rough is not compatible with all lifestyles.  If you are wanting to remain stagnant and continue to get the same old results in your life it is recommended you read a newspaper or watch the 11 O’clock news.

Expert in the Rough, is an inspirational blog encouraging you to take action in your life.  Experts in the Rough don’t always know that they are experts or realize they posses the skills and knowledge needed to be leaders in their industry or community.

It is recommended if you read Expert in the Rough that you:

  1. Utilize the comments field at the end of each post.  Brian is social and seeks feedback and new ideas.  Share your ideas, disagreements and inspirations.  Your opinion and insights do matter.
  2. Use the social bookmarking features available at the bottom of each post.  It is safe to use the buttons listed.  The more people who are contributing to Expert in the Rough and making a difference in the world the better.
  3. Email a link to a friend or colleague.
  4. Make some change.  Most of my posts end with some kind of request for action.  Action is the single most important component to living your dreams.
  5. Use the tools provided to keep up with Expert in the Rough.  The easiest way is via email, the sign up to your right.  You will get no more than one email a day (generally 3-4 a week) and you can unsubscribe at anytime.  If you are not familiar with a feed reader I highly recommend it.  It will revolutionize the way you use the internet.  Learn more about feed readers here. You can subscribe to my rss feed on the right as well.