Anchors A Way!

“Anchors Aweigh, my boys, Anchors Aweigh” might be a timely tribute to my Navy brothers in arms this Fourth of July Weekend, and I do salute you, but I have another agenda.  I have been noticing a common thread, or to stay on metaphor,  a common “line or rope” in my recent successes and I wanted to share a it with you. In 2013 I chose a few words to direct my success, Health, Heart and Healing. ... read more

Warning, Experimental Idea

Are you STUCK, does your life SUCK?  Are you trapped in a RUT, have you lost your STRUT?  Have you ever slowed DOWN, to ask why the FROWN?  Maybe your life has become too MENTAL, can I recommend you go EXPERIMENTAL? Wow, I am not sure if Seuss raided my mind or if I will be opening for Jay-Z…but in the mean time I have an “Experimental Idea” to share with you.  Start to treat your... read more

The Holly Jolly Challenge – Yeah I’m Talking to You

“Your thoughts become your reality,” and by the way this still applies during the holidays.  Over the last few months I have been on a journey to my heart and I  have been looking for new ways to enjoy life.  So many of us (I mean me) get trapped in the Holiday Hell.  Stuck running around to endless parties, fulfilling endless commitments with no connection to our (my) spirit.  I made a... read more

Where Art Thou Expert in the Rough

Expert in the Rough says it all.  It’s not only the title of my blog and a self proclamation but also my location.  Unfortunately, being truly “In the Rough” with a major career shift in 2012…I have struggled to find my voice in regards to the “Expert in the Rough” blog. I assure despite my lack of blog output, my inspiration and passion are as great as ever, I just... read more

The End

Sometimes in life we get more attached to our stories than we get attached to a different outcome. Do you ever get tired of hearing your own story over an over about what’s preventing you from living a better life? I know for me I have been telling an endless story about how my foot pain is preventing me from running, which has caused me to ditch regular fitness and eating healthy.  I know for... read more

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