Without a Shadow of a Doubt

shadowweb“If I only had more time to follow my dreams,” is a common complaint I hear from folks who feel stuck between the world they have and the world they want.

Sure, I could go into all kinds of rants about how this is just an excuse or how they need to re-prioritize their time, but I have a much simpler plan.

First, accept the fact that you do not have the time to follow these dreams. Instead of fighting your lack of time, embrace it. Instead of biting off more than you can chew and filling your life up with more stress, just accept the fact that you life is full indeed!

After all, you have chosen the projects you are currently undertaking for a reason and that is just fine. Maybe you need to pay the mortgage or overdue medical bills. Perhaps you are currently raising a child. Believe me, these are all valid reasons for being too busy. Ok. You are correct. You just don’t have the time. Or maybe you do! Maybe, just maybe, following your dreams might take less time than you think.

Now to my second point, I think its time you lower your expectations! (You won’t see that line in many Rah, Rah motivation books). However, one big dream must start with one small step.

So, here is your new strategy! This pearl of wisdom is something I like to call “Without a Shadow of a Doubt.” It goes something like this…

Without a Shadow of a Doubt:

* I will take one writing class in 2009 (instead of I want to write a book).
* I can walk for 20 minutes a month (instead of I want to be healthy and lose 20 lbs).
* I will not eat Ice Cream on Monday’s (instead I want to eat healthy).
* I will write one Blog Post a Month (instead of I want to share my ideas with the world).
* I will call my sister on her birthday (instead of I want to be closer to my family).
* I will take one long weekend vacation each summer (instead of I want to travel and relax).
* I will request registration information for the local university by the end of the year (instead of I want to study to be a lawyer).

The key is that whatever you commit to must be so simple and so clear that you have no chance of failing.

WARNING: Jedi Mind Trick Alert

My goal for this technique is really just…

* To get you moving and hope the law of inertia takes effect i.e. an object in motion tends to stay in motion (so now you are moving).
* To gain passion through experience. The act of engaging in an action related to your dream builds positive energy.
* To do more than you commit to and that will make you feel good.
* To recognize that you have more time than you think.
* To realize you can drop something less appealing in your life and fit in something in line with your dreams
* To gain confidence by committing to an action and keeping your commitment
* To find new ideas and resources while engaging in your action related to your dream

I just hope you make some step, any step and “Without a Shadow of a Doubt” you will be on your way to the life you always dreamed.

Image Credit: Mike Wade

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