Who Is A Sacred Soul?

Not Me!

At least that was my answer for the last 39 years of my life.  I had never even considered the fact that I might be a sacred soul or an important person.  I had created a belief about life that my worth comes from what I do and otherwise I have no intrinsic value.

Now that is a pretty drastic statement, I have “No Intrinsic Value.”  Meaning my value is based on what I do or bring to the world versus having value.  I share this story because I see people every day living out this model.  If they only could be better or do more then they might be valued.  It’s a sickening cycle.  I know because I have been living it.

Side Bar:

You might wonder why I am being so honest but I am truly embracing the idea of vulnerability in my life.  If you want to dig in a little more about vulnerability check out this video from Brene Brown.  I have been emailed or recommended to this video at least 5 times in the last two months.  Alright I get it.  Here is the link.

Back to the Sacred Soul thing.

I have been experimenting with affirmations over the last 30 days.  I have committed to a regimen of reading my affirmations prior to bed and as I rise.  I have a simple two sided list in a document protector at my bedside.  It has been an amazing experience on many levels but I want to share one insight from the exercise.

I have one very personal affirmation about my daughter I created.  It goes like this;

Ella is my ultimate mission in life. God has entrusted me with a sacred soul.  I treasure everyday with her as a gift from God.  I am here to guide her and remind her of her greatness.

After a few weeks of reading this affirmation I had a life changing thought.  If Ella is a sacred soul, wouldn’t it be reasonable to think that I too am a sacred soul.  I have parents and they value me just as much as I value you Ella. (At least that’s the impression I get)

Alright, now lets take it a step further.  If I am a sacred soul and Ella is a sacred soul then everyone is a sacred soul.  WOW!  That is really, really cool!

All I can say is when you see the world through the eyes of people being sacred it is mind boggling.

Of course, I know a thing or two about people.  I have a feeling my words will fall on “deaf souls.”  So when you are ready for this message, remember.

You, TOO Are A Sacred Soul!


Brian Monahan is a professional life and business coach.  He specializes in bridging the gap between inspiration and reality.

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