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Trust Your Crazy Ideas!

-Dan Zadra

Dan you may never know the monster you have created with that quote (not secretly hoping you will).  The “IdeaManiac”** still lives inside of this heart, soul and mind.

Since early summer I have been keeping a personal vigil on a Whiteboard placed on a shelf just above the horizon of my laptop so as not to miss it.  It all started with a revelation.  A revelation that the best way to change my life was to start to notice and listen to the messages…..”chatter”….in my heart and mind (respectfully).

One of the first messages I heard was, “I often do not see the best in others.”  Kind of a funny observation for someone who at the time was considering  a career as a personal life coach (no longer considering…but happening).  I realized I needed to change my thoughts.  How was I going to change my thoughts?  Back to the Whiteboard.  I have been working in audio visual for over 15 years and have rented hundreds of whiteboards to my clients.  I thought to myself.  Maybe I can write myself a weekly message on my mini-whiteboard.

The very first message I wrote for myself;

Expect the Best….See the Best in Others.

I didn’t know when I started I would still be writing myself messages on Mondays.

For those of you who read my blog via Facebook you may have even seen a few of these messages disguised as status updates.

For those of you who journal, you might be aware there is a different energy when you actually write something versus keyboard it.  It is more personal.

I started taking pictures of my Whiteboard a few weeks ago with the idea I would share my messages with my blog readers.

Feel free to print the pictures and post them in a place where you will see regularly or get your own mini-whiteboard.  Re-write my message or create your own weekly vigil.  I hope you enjoy.

Whiteboard Wisdom #1 Let – Live – Love


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** is one of my website creations of many years ago.  I never found any traction with the website but I learned that the field of dreams “Build It and They Will Come” does not apply to half-baked website ideas.  Recently I have learned you cannot turn off who you are inside.  I am addicted to ideas, my next phase of my life will be about becoming discerning about my ideas and “shipping” my ideas into something meaningful.

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