Whiteboard Wisdom – Dreams, Nightmares & Backup Plans

In life we have the opportunity to have our dreams and our nightmares become the reality of our days. What movie will you choose for yourself?

If you have been reading for a while your know Expert in the Rough has taken a number of roads but the road most traveled has been ideas for bringing your dreams to life. Today I share a lesson rooted in my nightmares. Working in audio visual and live events for almost 20 years I must admit I have had my fair share of nightmares. Many of these nightmares have been in broad daylight.

As I learned my trade I have created a few “coping mechanisms” so to speak to deal with the nature of the business. If you have ever had the distinct pleasure of having to rely on people and technology then you know “coping” is a mild term.

One of my first mantra’s I created for myself was; “Technology Fails,” expect it and be ready for it. I must admit it took me a decade to get to this point, but I only embraced it at the victim level. Yes the technology would fail but being ready for it just meant I could identify it but had no real solution for it.

I luckily crossed paths with a producer who produced shows for billion dollar brands and he taught me about the backup plan. The show must go on….and on…..and on…..even if there is a snow storm preventing travel, a hurricane in your ballroom…..a power outage….just a glimmer of the fire marshal approving your diagram. Whatever ever the challenge the show must go on. It did and what didn’t kill me (in my nightmares in the dark and broad daylight) made me stronger and more stressed.

Yes stressed, despite all my plans and backup plans I never found peace despite the fact the show always went on.

This lead me to today’s Whiteboard Wisdom.

“Have a Plan”
“Backup Plan”
“Do What I Can”

These three sentences are much deeper than you will ever imagine. It works in all areas of life. It is my belief many people have backup plans but no original plans.

Many people settle for the back up plan because of fear. The fear to put a plan on paper to share it with the world. Another way of looking at plans is calling it “Your Dream” or your mountain top.

It is my hope that today’s Whiteboard Wisdom will encourage you to consider a plan or a dream. You can make your dream safe by creating a backup plan for it. What you will do in case it doesn’t work out. Hint! You are probably already living your “Backup Plan” and doing it well. You really have nothing to fear to explore your dreams because you have already mastered the backup plan.

The other part of this mantra is “Do What You Can” this is not doing the least or “cheesing” but doing what you can. Example, I want to write a book. I don’t have time or the topic for my book. In the mean time I am committed to averaging at least one blog post per week. It is my backup plan and it is what I can do. What is has done for me is made me a better and more disciplined writer. It is my training for the real deal. The dream. I am doing what I can.  I am developing my skills for writing my book.

I am not sure that I have captured all of the aspects of this concept but make it your own.

In the comments area on my blog or Facebook.

What is your plan?

What is your backup plan?

What can you do?

Please Share…….

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