What’s So Special About 100

Besides 1 Million and a Google you just can’t beat the number One Hundred. Did I forget about Ten.  Ten is alright but it doesn’t have any where near the number of nicknames as 100.

AKA a Hondo, a Benjamin, Century, 10 Squared and C for my Roman subscribers.  However you say it 100 is cool.  In fact 100 is so cool people are intimidated by it.  Just shy of 100, 99 over the years has given 100 a run for its money but I must say 100 always comes out on top.  If you dare to argue.  Its simple math.

Some famous 100 Brands:

  • Billboard Top 100 Hits
  • Fortune 100
  • Audi 100
  • 100% (110% gives 100 a run for its money)

I am not sure why 100 is so special, all I know is it’s a universal starting point.

I started my blog in late may.  My goal was to post 3 to 4 times a week.  For the most part I have been on target for this goal.  Now that I have 51 posts under my belt, I feel pretty confident I am sticking with this blogging thing.  I now have a goal of reaching 100 blog posts by 2009.

On my way to 100 here is what I have learned:

  • Blogging is not easy
  • I could have easily quit at 10 and nobody would have known the difference (except me)
  • What I find interesting does not always translate into an interesting post as a novice writer
  • People are really freaked out by Grammar mistakes (Can I get an editor?)
  • Patience is a virtue.  Write multiple posts and save one for a rainy day.
  • A budding blogging habit does not mix well with well with a day job.
  • A pregnant wife needs more attention than an email subscription to my blog feed
  • When I get to 100 I will be 99 posts better than when I started.

100 is a great number,  before I get to my goal of being a best selling author, a keynote speaker to thousands and  surpass 3000 blog subscribers I can find great joy smelling the roses at the Special number 100.

Momentum Monday Assignment.

Create a 100 Goal.  Everybody is doing it!

4 Responses to “What’s So Special About 100”

  1. Brenda Newberry says:

    Hi!! Found yyour blog today by clicking through from your Twitter post. Here’s my 100…instructing 100 Pilates Reformer classes, only 44 more to go!! By the way, did you know I am now a Pilates Reformer Instructor at The Studio in Oakley. I give a FREE introductory one hour workout, glad to “Give you a ride.” You can help me meet my goa. Call me 513-200-9848.

  2. Jason Bayer says:

    Litemind published an article last year titled “Tackle Any Issue With a List of 100”. Thankfully, I bookmarked it into my delicious account under my “Lifehacks” tag… here’s the link if you’d like to check it out:

    Make it a great Monday!

  3. Joan,

    Being the Prolific Lensmaster you are, Lists of 100 in a plexo deck would be right up your alley.

    Thanks for the comment. I love the solve a problem angle.

    100 items is also a great format for an ebook.


  4. Joan Adams says:

    100 is a great way to solve a problem, too. List 100 ways to solve – the last ones are usually the best.
    100 is good for lists of good things about a friend or a product.
    List 100 things to write about today, 100 things to do today, 100 things I want to do before I die!
    All very effective self studies and self-motivators!
    Great subject! enjoyed reading!