What is Your Story…..Dreams, Goals, Life in 2010

What is Your Story?

As many of you approach the new year you might be inclined to take on a tradition suspect in its  success… “New Year’s Resolutions.”

I am a huge fan of the “MashUp” and thought we could team up a tradition with a technique.

The art of storytelling is a technique of master public speakers.  Just as pictures are worth a thousand words a story or a tale is worth a thousand graphs and bullet points.  A story allows us to relate to a message and data.

So I propose a new tradition .  A New Year’s Story.

I challenge you to take your resolutions, your dreams, your goals and write a story about how you want your life to look in 2010 and beyond.

Get vivid! Include people, places, plot lines and drama.  You might include some dialogue about telling your boss off and/or a Disney like musical scene with singing birds and public displays of song and dance.  It is your story you can make it what you want.

I challenge you to take some “creative liberties” just like those “based on a true story” movies you get inspired by every year.  This is your life and have a little fun with it.

Of course, no story is complete if kept to yourself.  Be sure to share it with a trusted confidant.  Feel free to share in the comments area scenes and chapters from your story for 2010 as you feel comfortable.

Once Upon A Time………………………..!

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