What Bloggers & Marketers Can Learn from Pumpkins

What can you learn from a Pumpkin?

Last week I was out picking up lunch for my wife and I passed a “farmers market” selling pumpkins.  Alright, I admit it was not much of a “farmers market” it was the strip mall’s parking lot.  But a real farmer had a trailer load of some great looking pumpkins.

50 cents a pound was a little steep but these were “round hard walled pumpkins.”  So the farmer says.

I went ahead and purchased two pumpkins.  One was to take home to my wife and one was to take to the office.

The one for my wife was more a symbol of my love, the night I proposed to my wife Sweetest Day 2002, we celebrated over a pumpkin pie.  I also thought it would make a great prop for a  picture next to my pregnant wife. (Luckily she agreed.)

The second pumpkin for the office was for social reasons.  That’s right.  Social reasons!

I really do love attention and I like to socialize so I knew a pumpkin was going to be a perfect decoration to place at the door to my office.

When I returned from lunch I carried the pumpkin to my office.  On the way a few co-workers asked why I was carrying a pumpkin.  I thought that was a silly question being it is was early October and surely a pumpkin would be appropriate in October.  I simply replied, “For the fun of it!”

After getting to my office I realized that putting the pumpkin on the floor outside my office would not be enough.  I needed a pedestal.  I took a walk to the warehouse and found a stool to place my pumpkin.

It was a busy week and I went back to work.  Over the next hour about 10 co-workers stopped by to comment on the pumpkin.  They would peak in and say nice pumpkin or make some general reference to the pumpkin, but one co-worker stopped and asked, “what is this?”  I thought that was kind of a silly question.  I said “It’s a pumpkin.”  She started to laugh.

I could not see the pumpkin from my desk and she said, “Oh you haven’t seen the pumpkin lately.”

She then waived for me to come out.  The Pumpkin had been dressed up.  I mind you this pumpkin had only been in the office for about an hour.

Here is the pumpkin that resides outside of my office.

Now these are just a few examples of how a pumpkin can make a difference in the world.  I have created a list of what you can learn from a pumpkin.

What you can learn from a pumpkin:

  1. Pumpkins are social.  Put one outside your door and it’s and invitation to converse and interact.
  2. Pumpkins are versatile.  Pumpkins make great pies, decorations, door stops and conversation pieces
  3. Pumpkins are collaborative.  You can’t help but want to add to somebodies pumpkin.

Next time your are working on a blog post or marketing piece ask yourself.

  • How is this post like a pumpkin?
  • Does my post make me more approachable?
  • Does my post provide value?
  • Does my post attract collaboration?

Be a Pumpkin and rule the world.

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