What Am I Doing? A Twitter Novel

Twitter has changed the world with a simple little question “What are you doing?” I know you haven’t asked but I figured since you are still reading you just might be interested in all of the “balls I have in the air.”  I won’t be limiting myself to the Twitter standard 140 characters, instead think of this post as a Twitter Novel.  A short story updating you about your favorite Expert in the Rough.

I started the Expert in the Rough blog initially with the idea of sharing the wisdom I had learned reading all the experts, but with my spin.  I then thought personal branding just might be the blogs focus, but I have settled into the idea that Expert in the Rough is just my personal inspirational blog.

  • A place for me to test the waters
  • a place to practice writing
  • a place to find discipline
  • a place to let the voice inside out,
  • a place for you to find ideas and inspiration (I try to convince myself it’s for you) blogging can feel so damn narcissistic sometimes.

I don’t think it’s an accident that last year my creative juices came alive, I believe the spirit of my little girl Ella, cooking in the womb might have stirred up something inside of  me.  If you take a look back I was on par to hit a 100 posts late last year, I was on fire, but I am barely over 80 almost a year later.   I was silly to think that I could possibly continue my blogging with a baby on the way.  For the record, YES I was high on blogging and I had no idea that a newborn was like Kryptonite for blogging.

I hung up my blogs so to speak, and accepted the fact that I had a higher calling but the voice inside started to yell,  “YOU GOTTA BLOG.” The truth is my hard work leading up to the birth of my baby has served me well.  Even with 6 plus months of limited time to blog, my momentum is still strong.  YES, life is settling in and I have found some slivers of time to let my voice out so to speak.

Over the last few months, I have come to terms with my new life.  I have decided Expert in the Rough is going to be a blog about whatever I want to write about, whenever I want to write it and YOU WILL LIKE IT!!!  I have learned blogging is more broadcast and less conversation.  However, my goal is the latter.   I was reading a book this past week and it said, the only way to be successful writing is to write from the heart.  So here it is.  From the heart.

So, what in the world am I up to?

  • Raising my beautiful daughter Ella
  • Learning what it means to be a family man
  • Holding on to my arrogant belief that I can beat the down economy, a good application of arrogance by the way
  • Writing from the heart at Expert in the Rough
  • Letting my worlds collide; work, play, and passion I no longer separate, I am Brian Monahan no matter the circumstance
  • Meeting Point Cincinnati, my Social Media Experiment to provide a venue for the Cincinnati Meeting and Event Industry to Collaborate
  • Do You PK? Pecha Kucha Night Cincinnati – a project I am collaborating on with other Cincinnati area visionaries bringing Cincinnati a new medium for presenting
  • InnerWorks, LLC a collaborative business with family and friends, created so we all could share our unique experiences helping others to live their dreams.
  • Prestige AV & Creative Services, my employer who graciously allows me to live out my dreams and mix and match my passions with my career, and provide for my family
  • Taking it day by day, lowering my expectations for the short term, having faith in putting one foot in front of the other.  Post by Post, Word by Word
  • Checking off speech after speech at Toastmasters, on the road to the speaking career I have always dreamed about
  • Expert in the Rough – you’re here, I think you probably get it by now

I thought this might clear up “What am I doing?”

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