Welcome to Expert in the Rough

I have spent a few weeks getting aquainted with WordPress and have finally launched the Expert in the Rough blog. I have all kinds of challenges. I picked a theme that was incompatible with Internet Explorer 7. I lost my initial posts with a software upgrade, but I am here to say, I will not be deterred.

You will find this to be a work in progress but we will be moving quickly. I have been studying the experts for over 20 years and I have a lot to share.

Please subscribe to my RSS feed, and share with friends. Most of my early visitors I expect to be friends and family. Your input will be appreciated.

For those of you wondering what WordPress and RSS means, I will be covering those topics as part of the Expert in the Rough tools of the trade.

With that Expert in the Rough is officially live. Be sure to read my About page for a more detailed descripion of Expert in the Rough.



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