Warning, Experimental Idea

Are you STUCK, does your life SUCK?  Are you trappeExperimentd in a RUT, have you lost your STRUT?  Have you ever slowed DOWN, to ask why the FROWN?  Maybe your life has become too MENTAL, can I recommend you go EXPERIMENTAL?

Wow, I am not sure if Seuss raided my mind or if I will be opening for Jay-Z…but in the mean time I have an “Experimental Idea” to share with you.  Start to treat your life like a grand experiment.  Oh, by the way, even if you don’t see it that way…life is merely a grand experiment.  Who’s to say I will even finish the blog post without having a heart attack or my blog will experience a cyber attack before you get my message.

But seriously, there are really no guarantees in life…I would even challenge even the surety of “death and taxes.”

So many of us hold back waiting for the perfect moment, instead of perfecting the moment or even worse missing the moment.  Which by the way is perfect.

So, if life is an experiment and it is already happening even if you don’t know it…then whats the point of my blog post.  I didn’t say to “experiment” but instead to treat your life like an experiment.

Big difference.  Because if you don’t recognize life is a grand experiment, you are probably not getting the benefits of the experimental process.  First lets take a look at a definition of experiment.

In scientific research, an experiment (Latin: ex- periri, “to try out”) is a method of investigating causal relationships among variables. An experiment is a cornerstone of the empirical approach to acquiring data about the world and is used in both natural sciences and social sciences. An experiment can be used to help solve practical problems and to support or negate theoretical assumptions.

Wow, that’s a mouthful but what I most like is the Latin root is “to try out.”  Its kind of like that old LIFE Cereal commercial where they encourage “Mikey” to try it…because he might like it.  That is all I am asking you to do.  To try out some new ideas, some new habits, some new goals…if you like it (data) then keep on doing it…if you don’t like it (data) then stop it.  Its really that simple an experiment.

The other thing I like about calling it an experiment is it takes the pressure off…if its just an experiment then you can always start a new experiment.

Experimenting is similar to adventure and exploration.  Which sounds a whole lot more fun than planning and committing.

What is your next grand experiment?

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  1. Julie Hogan says:

    Great blog Brian!