Thought Provoking

Thought ProvokingA self proclaimed “Self Help Junkie,” I have read just about every “self help” book under the sun.  You know, the classics….Think and Grow Rich, PsychoCybernetics, The Road Less Traveled, The Power of Positive Thinking and don’t get me started with “self help crack” Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books.  Yes, I think I have read them all and I am looking for a new drug, I mean type of book.

I thought you might be burnt out as well on the “self help” craze and looking for a new direction.  I have a new  book category for you “Thought Provoking.”  I have tired of the idea that someone might have an answer for me.  Do I really want to limit myself with the constraints of someone else’s concept of “self help.”

Thought provoking takes self help in a different direction.  Instead of telling me what to do it provokes me to reflect on an idea or a concept and create something new.  You can even take this a step further and not only seek to be provoked but become the provoker.

In todays information age there are plenty of answers available but are there enough people with the courage to provoke new thinking?

Thought provoking material on my nightstand:

7 Responses to “Thought Provoking”

  1. Richard Terpening says:

    Great topic Brian.
    What I find to be very provoking is our sanity during tough times. Images of disaster provoke me and remind me how easy we actually have it.

  2. Mike Monahan says:

    Great article Brian. I think it’s about self-acceptance and once you accomplish that it’s about provoking you kids. Keep up the good work.

  3. Kirk,

    An action and thought provoking article that appeared in my inbox right after I read your response.

    Here is another angle to consider:×5/what-you-dont-do-doesnt-matter/

    and some thought provoking blogger I follow.


  4. Kirk,

    Don’t provoke me buddy :)

    But yes it is a great point and on a quantum level thought could be considered and action could it not?

    Any way, I am glad you are commenting.


    thanks for your support and I am glad I can stoke the fire.


  5. Personally, I think that “thought provoking” is about as useful as the “self-help” books, if they don’t promote an actual change. Perhaps a better category would be “action-provoking”? Books that not only promote considering change, but actually taking action to make that change reality…

  6. Renee Shell says:

    Thank you for feeding my fire again, Brian. Your words always inspire me to “be” greater than my mind normally believes. I am a writer, not a reader. I’ve picked up several of these books only to read the passages I am supposed to hear in that moment. I wish you success in finding your new passion, not “drug” as this will only fill a temporary void. I support you always.
    Hugging you.