The Slam Dunk Approach

As a project manager in the audio visual production industry I am often faced with hundreds of decisions on each and every project.

Often times I am faced with nuanced decisions.  A decision that might have both positive and negative consequences.  Some examples include;  A larger screen is better for viewing but might reduce the available space for seating.  A smaller crew might lower the budget but jeopardize the timeliness of the set up.  I might need to rent a certain piece of equipment versus utilizing my inventory costing me money.  After completing a set up I might realize the delay speakers are now an obstruction for the last row of seating requiring a late night revision and overtime labor.

Using the basketball analogy a Slam Dunk is when you stuff the ball into the basketball rim with near 100% accuracy.  Wouldn’t be great if you could find a way to have nearly 100% accuracy for your decisions?

Over the years I have learned to use a technique I call the “Slam Dunk” when faced with a nuanced decision.  I take a step back and ask myself what decision is going to be a “Slam Dunk” win for everyone.  The funny thing is when I ask myself this question I usually find I already know the answer.  Usually there is a best decision but I am afraid to make it.  I am afraid to justify my decision.  I am afraid to break the bad news.  I am afraid to face reality.

Luckily over the years I have learned to overcome the fear of making decisions using the Slam Dunk approach.  Funny thing is every time I have ever used this approach all has turned out well.

What decision are you afraid to make?  What is the Slam Dunk solution you have for it (that you fear to make)?

Happy Dunks!

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