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The Secret of 82 Inches

Actually, I am not sure if it is really “A Secret” or just a really fun story I wanted to share about “The Secret” and “The Laws of Attraction.”

Stop the Presses…Turn off your judgment meters right now!  I haven’t even given you time to warm up to me and I am going to share a story that just might give some credence to the possibility that “The Secret” is a legitimate strategy for “Attracting” great things into your life.

Alright you caught me. That is exactly what I am going to do; so go ahead and judge me.  I can tell you when I am done with this story you will be scratching your head and sending me your, “Secret Christmas Wish Lists.”

Pull up a chair…this story is two years in the making.

December 2009, it’s the holidays.  My employer, Prestige AV & Creative Services, is hosting their annual holiday party.  As a senior member of the staff, the owners often consult me on ideas and input on company meetings and other functions.  The holiday party had become kind of stale over the years and 2009 had taken its toll on the company’s spirits.

The owner consulted me and shared his vision for making the 2009 party something special.  He wanted games and activities.  He also allocated a significant budget for door prizes.  Being an audio visual company, many of the door prizes ended up being tech related…ipods, cameras, Wii Games, etc… The Grand Prize was a 32” Flat Panel TV.

Some back story.  It just so happens that my Mom was in the market for a 32” TV and had requested one for Christmas.  I had already discussed with my siblings about pulling our resources to get her one for Christmas.  Christmas was closing fast and my siblings charged me with picking out the TV and establishing the budget.  I told my sister to hold off.  Maybe, just maybe, I would win the 32” TV at my work party.

Even more back story.  My Mom just so happens to work with the owners wife…and she knows about the door prizes…and she is babysitting my daughter the night of the company holiday party.

So, Mom shows up to babysit and says, “I was talking with Mary Sue and she told me about the 32” TV being raffled off.”  She then joked, “You going to hook your Mom up should you win?”  I was actually a little perturbed because I now had to lie since I did not want to tip off our intention to “buy her a 32” TV.”

My wife and I show up at the Manor House (a fancy banquet facility) and Mary Sue is one of the first people we see.  She starts telling me how much my Mom wants a new TV.  I told how I was hoping to win since that was our planned gift from “the kids” for Christmas.  The TV was the talk of the evening.

As I am not much of a mystery writer, out of nearly 600 raffle tickets mine was pulled first.  I was hoopin’ and hollerin’! I was in total disbelief…and now I had to go home straight faced and say we had won nothing.

Of course, it was the first thing Mom asked about when we arrived home.

Fast Forward December 2010 >>>

Party time again! I met with the owner a few times to discuss the upcoming holiday party.  We both agreed 2009 was our best holiday party ever and the raffle was a big part of the excitement.

Even more back story.  My parents are divorced. After winning the 32” TV for my mom in 2009, my siblings and I discussed that my Dad and Stepmom were also in need of a new TV.  (The 37” tube TV they had was on the fritz.)   We all agreed a 50” TV was the ideal size for their family room but was out of our price range even when splitting five ways.

So, back to the party planning.  My owner said, “let’s just duplicate last year’s prizes except let’s make the 32” a 50” Flat Panel TV.”

My mind started turning…maybe I might win again and I will give that 50” to Dad.  I must admit, I really did not want it that bad.  I even asked my wife if we won if we should pick another prize.  Once the 2010 prize list leaked, people started coming out of the woodwork to let me know they thought I should not be eligible to win the TV at this year’s party.  Interesting!

It was actually a pretty funny slice of human behavior that really struck me as interesting.  I was thinking how interesting people are — so worried about the remote chance I might win the TV again.  Yes I said “remote”…no pun intended.

Moments before the first drawing was to take place at the 2010 party, a couple of co-workers even went so far as to say, “You should tell Terry (the boss/owner) that anyone who won last year shouldn’t be eligible this year.”  Since I actually paid for raffle tickets, (the money collected went to charity) I thought, “Now, that seems ridiculous” but instead replied, “It’s Terry’s party. He can run his raffle any way he wants.”

I will end your suspense.  You already know what 82-32 equals. “Brian just won the 50 inch TV!”  I was floored and so was the entire room.  You want to talk about being the most hated man at a party.  It was the second TV in two years and I wasn’t even going to keep it.

Shifting Gears

I must share that I was actually experiencing quite a spiritual day when I won the 50” TV.  For those who know me, I am very open to hearing God speak to me in everyday circumstances.  I had an experience earlier in the day when God reminded me when I turned down a homeless man who asked for money that I did not need to protect “my money” that it was “His money”.

He had reminded me how when I had found 10 dollars the week prior and then gave it to another homeless man, I did it freely because I considered it “Found Money” versus “Earned Money”.  He reminded me that it is all “Found Money,” so to speak.  I did not need to worry but to have faith.

When I won the TV that night I felt like it was a wink from God…he was saying “see I told you so, you just never know, you were protecting a few dollars and I create TV’s from thin air.”

I must say I am still shaken up inside about this whole TV thing.  It has really opened my eyes to some new thinking.  I really struggle with the ideas of “The Laws of Attraction” and I often forget “My Faith” but they really seem to be intertwined on this one.

So, just to be clear I did not attract those two TV’s.  I was just the conduit.

My Mom was the one who was holding the vision for the 32” TV….Mom please forgive me but I was actually a little perturbed when you asked for the 32” TV not because I didn’t want you to have it but because I was worried about having enough money to do it.  My Mom was the one who started the ball rolling by asking for this TV for Christmas…she attracted it.

So, the 50” TV was actually the vision of all my co-workers.  They all could see me winning the TV and made it happen.  It really is kind of spooky.

I know this is a long story and I thank you for sticking around.

Fast Forward December 2011 >>>

My vision I have chose for myself…. 50” TV’s are really not that important to me.  Brian Monahan will be living an inspiring and courageous life.  My professional coaching business is thriving and I coach a tribe of visionary business leaders…People who want to make a difference in the world!

I can’t wait to tell you about this story!

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