The Risk

The Risk

I can’t believe I sit here scared to take “The Risk” to start blogging again.  Seriously, a simple blog post…which I have written hundreds of them but I sit here in fear…Fearful that I better have something profound to share…Fearful that you will judge me for taking “A Risk” and I share another  “Failed” coaching business.  Fearful I will be asking for your attention ”Again” knowing that when I write I get inspired and might decide to take another “Risk.”  Fearful, my blog might come off as more of a “therapy” exercise than something of value for you.

So here is the truth.  It was very easy last year (April 2011) to announce on my blog that I was blazing a bold new trail in my life.  I was starting a business, “a coaching business”… I would be helping others live their dreams and living mine all at the same time.  The “All American Dream” of entrepreneurship.

Fast-forward January 2012 and I was blazing another bold trail in my life but no blog post.  What’s up with that?  Some of it was logistics but most of it was embarrassment.  You see, I had taken a “Big Risk” and started a business but “failed.”  I had given up a great paying job, a stable work environment.  I had ventured into dangerous waters.  I “wasted” a lot of retirement money.  I racked up some credit card debt.   I tried what most won’t and even tried to convince others to do the same.  But I “Failed.”  Who wants to proclaim their failure?  Not me …but I am!

That’s the real nugget in this story.  Most people never ever attempt to live their dreams never take “The Risk” out of the fear they might have to face up to their possible…”imminent failure.”  I hope me sharing my “Failure” might give you the courage to take “The Risk” and know it’s going to work out.

“The Risk” you might have to share your failure…or maybe your success.

That’s the problem with “Risk” it has unknown outcomes.  Interestingly, there is multi-billion dollar business called “Hollywood” that capitalizes on telling stories with “unknown outcomes.”

Which leads me to believe that most of us, secretly want to take “The Risk” but instead have chosen to go to “The Movies” and live vicariously through others “unknown outcomes.”  Interestingly, we like the movies because they often end in a positive way…by result or inspiration.  I believe the same is true with life.  If you take “The Risk” you almost always end up with some positive outcome.

So, you’re thinking “Brian get to the point,” how does your story end.

Here’s the deal.  I took a risk.  That risk didn’t pan out as I had envisioned.  I was hemorrhaging financially and decided to “coach myself.”  I asked myself the questions I asked of my clients.  I listened to my answers.  My answers were to regroup.  Find a job that uses your strengths, supports your family and lifts the financial burden.


So that is what I did I regrouped and I took another “Risk.”  I started to look for another job and amazingly I found one that I don’t think I could have landed without taking “The Original Risk” of starting a coaching business.

So, here is my big announcement.  In January I accepted the position of “Assistant General Manager” with ITA Audio Visual Solutions a Cincinnati based audio visual services company.  We are an in-house audio visual provider for over 30 hotels nationally in world class hotels from Marriott to Renaissance Hotels.

The position utilizes most of my passions and strengths combining my entrepreneurial spirit, business acumen, coaching passion and audio visual expertise.  My goal is to eventually take over full management of the company as the owner operators consider the next phase of their life.

What’s even cooler about this story is this position wasn’t even advertised.  I took “The Risk” and applied for a sales position with a competitor of my former employer.  It was very emotional for me to consider “changing teams” but there was not a position available at my former employer at the time.  Unfortunately, despite the position being well paid and in my skill set “the competitors” position required too much travel, so I removed myself from consideration.  This was very scary to do in this job market but I had to honor my instincts.  Crazy, they came back to me with a better opportunity…The Assistant GM Position.  I share this because I think so many of us are risk averse that we limit our opportunities by playing it safe.  Life is one big story of “you can’t get there from here” kind of thing.

So, unlike a movie this story does not end here.  I am kind like “Rocky Balboa” you can expect another sequel to this story.  I am digging in at my new position and expect this is going to be a long stop on my journey.  Now that I have gotten my feet wet at my new position I have some “mental bandwidth” available to start blogging again.  I have a book on my horizon.  I have more stories, failures, half-baked ideas and success to share.

“The Risk”…is playing it safe.

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