The Real Risk and Reward

rejectedHave you ever been REAL?

It is my belief the biggest risk you will ever take in your life is not being real.

So many people I know are trapped living someone else’s life or vision.

People do this for various reasons, peer pressure, fear of rejection, family values or other social reasons.  I can understand why this happens, maybe you have been made fun of or felt the disappointment in you by a parent or spouse, but is it really worth it?  Do you really want to live somebody else’s life?

I have attended numerous retreats and seminars where people have had the opportunity to be themselves and let their guards down.  The resounding messages I have learned from these experiences are people are very much alike, and people think they are very much different.  That is an interesting statement, we are alike but inherently we feel different.  Maybe the truth is we are all very much different but have the same fears.

Over the last few years I have been focusing on being myself as much as possible.  A favorite business networking event I attend is called “Your Business is Personal,” meaning is there really anything in life that is not personal?   If everything is personal then why are we living such separate lives?  In my quest to bring my personal life to all that I do, I think they call that having personality, I have learned I have missed out an many opportunities.  Opportunities that were not presented because no one knew about my interests or passions.

Earlier I mentioned the well known risks of being yourself, which can be summed up with one term REJECTION, but there are other risks.  If you are not being yourself you might attract friends, spouses, careers and lifestyles that are not a match.  That is a big price to pay.

On the other side, by being yourself you might find there is that life you always dreamed of waiting for you.  How many years are you going to waste being something that you are not?

If you are not being yourself then who are you?

Be Real, it’s worth the Risk and Reward.

Photo Credit – Sundeip Arora of Sundesign

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