The Personal Suffering Project

Last week I wrapped up the first edition of The Personal Passion Project. The Personal Passion Project is a class I designed to help people explore and cultivate their passion.

The class was a huge success and 6 people are now more engaged in their life after taking the time to make passion a priority.

I will eventually break down my extensive notes and “Quantum Feedback” I gained from teaching the class but I thought I would share one my favorite insights from the final class discussion.

I was asking the class about their definition for Passion and we decided to dissect a few definitions for passion from the internet.  Aside from the typical sexual slants on passion most definitions of passion included a reference to suffering.

I found this interesting since I believe a lot of people romanticize the idea of passion.  What is romantic about suffering anyway?  I say “not much” but I did have another slant on this suffering concept and passion.

One of the common threads through the class was time and passion.  Most of the members of the class found it hard to carve out the time to cultivate their passion.  This lead me to the idea that maybe that was just a perfect lesson for them to learn.  Passion is not only organic and ever present but a choice.  Passion is on Purpose and therefore a choice.  To fully engage your passion you might have to sacrifice or suffer.  You might have to give something else up to fully explore your passion.

I was wondering how many of you would be interested in a class if I called it “The Personal Suffering Project?”  I would suspect not many, but the truth is Passion and Suffering go hand in hand.

It kind of reminds me of my video from last week, Joy and Pain. Weird!

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