The Passion Bus – All Aboard

All ABOARD! No this is not the “Magic Bus” but I wouldn’t blame you for confusing the two.

I am talking about the “Passion Bus,” a vehicle that will carry you to your PASSION.  You might be thinking Brian you have really outdone yourself a vehicle for your passion.

Humor me for a bit and let me play with this BUS metaphor.

What is the definition for a vehicle anyway?

“A medium through which something is transmitted, expressed, or accomplished” Sounds good to me.  I would love to transmit, express and/or accomplish my Passion.  Hence the “Passion Bus” the official vehicle of the Personal Passion Project.

Here is the deal.  The Personal Passion Project kicks off tomorrow August 4th at 8pm EST (via Teleclass call in from any phone).  I have a number of people who have been kicking the “Old Passion Buses’ Tires” so to speak over the last few weeks.  These people have some really cool projects and passions they want to uncover, develop and fulfill.  With summer vacations and such a number of people can’t join the call tomorrow.  Since the Personal Passion Project happens to be my Personal Passion Project I wanted to be sure as many people who are “Ready to Ride Their Passion Bus” can be involved.

I don’t know about you but I have just about had enough of the low budget summer TV programming.  Yes “America’s Got Talent” but “America’s Got Passion” as well.

So, tell me.

Do you have enough  PASSION in your life?

What are you aching to do?

What can you not live without?

What are you doing today that will get you from here to there (PASSION)?

For me; “I can’t live without making a difference in peoples lives?”

How about you?

Jump on Board the Passion Bus and let me do the driving?  I have taken the time to create a set of maps to help you find your Passion.  I am calling it the Personal Passion Project.

For those who have already signed up for the Personal Passion Project we are moving forward as planned but I have added a “stop” for those who are just boarding the bus.

Intro Teleclass (The Telecass formerly known as Teleclass#1) August 4th 8pm-9pm EST
“The Personal Passion Project Itinerary”
Were going to take a little time to learn where everyone is going on this bus trip and review the roadmap for finding your Passion.

You can hop on the bus for Fre**e August 4th, but you need to buy a ticket/registration if you plan to take the entire trip.

Click Here for Full Details on the Personal Passion Project

Teleclass #1 August 11th 8pm-9pm (The Bus Officially Leaves the Station)
Teleclass #2 August 18th 8pm-9pm
Teleclass #3 September 8th 8pm-9pm
Teleclass #4 September 15th 8pm-9pm
Teleclass #5 October 6th 8pm-9pm
Teleclass #6 October 13th 8pm-9pm (New Date for Class)

Next Steps:

  • Get Call In Information for August 4th Intro & Planning Session – Learn about the PPP at no charge Register for Intro
  • Call me to discuss:  513-549-4276


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