The Freaky HalfWay Point of Expert Status

This is so Freaky!  This morning I woke up early to work on a year in review blog post.  I was digging through my Google Analytics looking for the most popular posts on Expert in the Rough in 2010.

I noticed one of my “Pillars” of Expert in the Rough a very small blog post I wrote about how long it takes to become an expert.  It’s so short I can quote it right here for you.  Link to original post.

1825 Hours Away

It has been said that it takes 1 hour of study or immersion everyday for 5 years to become an Expert on a subject or function.

Over the last five years, what has been your hour of focus?

Have you conscioucsly chosen an hour of focus?

If so what have been the results?

If not, you are simply 1 hour away from your dreams?

Call me in 5 years and share your successes.

I decided to drop the year in review post and dig into the 1825 Hours on a whim.

I was inspired to write this article a number of years ago based on the concept of small daily steps.  Blogger heal thyself.  Of course most of my posts are written under the guise of inspiring others and if I really get honest with myself its the old adage of people teach what they need most. What I needed most at that time was a glimmer of hope that sharing my thoughts and ideas with the 5 people who read my blog was worth my time.  Doing a little bit everyday might actually pay off.

For the record I started this blog as a way to develop my writing voice as practice for writing books.  It has been a great experiment.  One thing I learned from the process is my block for speaking (another goal of mine) was writing.  A good speech starts with good writing.

But back to the Freaky Halfway Point.  I decided to do a little math.  I dug up the oldest date I could find related to my blog.  May 26th, 2008.  I did a little adding and subtracting.  It has been 913 days since I started my journey with “Expert in the Rough.”  I am officially over the hump, The “Halfway Point” to Expert Status.  Not so rough anymore.

Expert is a loose term for me.  You can be:

  • Expert at your job
  • Expert as a spouse
  • Expert as a parent
  • Expert as blogger
  • Expert at living

I am not sharing this to brag but to ask you about what have you been doing over the last 5 years, the last 5 months, the last 5 weeks or even the last 5 days?

What are you doing regularly that is in line with your goals and dreams?

Writing Expert 912 Hours Away Baby!!

One Response to “The Freaky HalfWay Point of Expert Status”

  1. Julie Hogan says:

    Brian-you are already a great writer…get that book written now!
    .-= Julie Hogan´s last blog ..Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year =-.