The Essence of Joy

Essence of JoyLast night I was playing with my daughter Ella.  Ella joined the world in October 2008 and she is pure joy.

Ella loves to dance and play peek-a-boo.  Ella’s favorite game is playing chase.  I get on the floor and crawl around chasing her around the house.  She gets so excited she is beside herself her legs shake and she screams at the top of her lungs.  When I finally catch her she turns around and gives me a great big kiss.

I have been on a journey to find more joy in my life.  This game of chase got me thinking, and that is the problem.

I am always thinking instead of enjoying the moment fully.  Even though I am chasing Ella and she is completely in the moment I am holding back.  I am not letting myself fully engage in the moment and be ecstatic with joy.  I am having fun but I am not all in like Ella.

If I look a little deeper I realize;  “I can never expect to find true joy in life if I can’t fully let go and experience true joy with my daughter.”  Ella is a pure bundle of joy.  I have not experienced the essence of fun and joy in years.  I have engaged in fun experiences but I have not let my guard down fully.

I see how this plays out in my other relationships.  If I don’t let my guards down I can never truly experience other peoples essence.  It is a tiny shift.  It is about letting my essence out.

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

Have an Ecstatic Weekend!

2 Responses to “The Essence of Joy”

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  2. Janet Turck says:


    When I have looked into your eyes, I have alwsys noticed the joy just bursting forth. Maybe it is already there and you are just thinking it away. You are a great man, husband and father. Love and Hugs, Janet