The End

Sometimes in life we get more attached to our stories than we get attached to a different outcome.

Do you ever get tired of hearing your own story over an over about what’s preventing you from living a better life?

I know for me I have been telling an endless story about how my foot pain is preventing me from running, which has caused me to ditch regular fitness and eating healthy.  I know for others it might be a story about bossy bosses, financial challenges and/or tragedies of love.  Whatever the story is we often develop it over a lifetime and causes us to detach from solutions.

We forget to look at the truth of the situation and our part in it.  We forget we have the power to make a new choice and write a new chapter.

I realized I have been very attached to a story about how my bad foot is keeping me from being healthy.  I am thinking it might be time to wrap this story up as it has become a bit of a tragedy.

Next time you notice yourself telling yourself and others the same story over…(blah, blah, blah)  and over, consider this option.

Instead of dreaming up another chapter…this simple technique will end your story in a flash.  Simply add the words “The End,” and you can move onto a new outcome.  You might have to do this more than once since you have become pretty attached to this story but eventually you and others will get the point.

Start a new story.  My new story starts with me considering new options for health and fitness.  I am embracing low impact exercises and asking for help.

I have a bad foot…The End.


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