The Difference Between Options and Opportunities

A few months ago, I developed a speech called, “The 5 Right Questions to Supercharge Your Life and Business.”

The premise of the speech was based on an intuitive approach to business — asking ourselves the “Right” kind of questions – those that are empowering and reflective and help us  find new answers and solutions to our life and business.

The goal of today’s post is not so much to discuss the concept of the “5 Right Questions” but the insights I have gained while presenting this topic to groups and using them with my individual clients.

Here are two of the five questions from my speech which are interestingly enough the first and last question, respectively.

1.  What are my options?

5.  What are my opportunities?

What’s interesting is that when I go through the 5 questions in order, I notice that when I reach question 5, I am often answered with a puzzled look or silence. At first I must admit, I was worried that my speech and concept might be flawed.  If everyone is going quiet on question 5, perhaps it just doesn’t make sense.

After the first few presentations, I spent a little time reflecting on the concept, trying to figure out what caused the silence.  In fact, if I’m honest with myself I knew there was something missing in my speech and concept.  It revolved around the difference between Options and Opportunities. On paper, the two seem very similar but intuitively I knew there was a huge gap between the two concepts. Then it hit me.

The difference between Options and Opportunities is PEOPLE.

Exploring our options is a great technique to create opportunities; however, options only become opportunities when we include another person.

This plays out in all areas of life and business. The person who picks up the phone or the person who reaches out to make a connection is almost always more successful in life and business.

Here is the equation.

Options + People = Opportunities

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