The Curious Case of 2008

By the grace of God!

By the grace of God!

2008 will go down in the books as a curious year. The United States of America is experiencing some of its most defining moments.  We are marking a new era with our first African American President Elect and experiencing an economic mess created by greed and gluttony.

I find myself in a curious place.  2008 was by far my most tremendous year, but much of the nation is facing tremendous challenges.  I look to 2009 with an optimist’s eyes.  I have created a solid foundation for my life but I know that some factors are out of my control.

With all of this in mind the only proper thing for me to do is create a gratitude list.

I am grateful for:

  • The birth of Ella Grace my beautiful daughter in October 2008.
  • The love of my life my beautiful, encouraging and loving wife Megan
  • A loving and supportive family
  • Friends with great values
  • The health of a friend who is battling cancer
  • Great health insurance to cover life’s challenges
  • A successful place to work, Prestige AV & Creative Services
  • Professional success that has reached a tipping point of less work and greater results (Fun!).
  • Great and loyal clients who practice good faith business
  • A spark of inspiration to propel Expert in the Rough and my writing career
  • A fine home and reliable transportation
  • A God who I can count on
  • 12 Years of sobriety
  • A seriously distracted 20 something years to show me how not to live
  • A precious baby who is teaching me how to live in the moment and smile
  • A new Blackberry to keep up with my Social Media interests.
  • A Toastmasters Group to mentor my public speaking interests
  • A vibrant Cincinnati Blogger network to learn from
  • A blessed life that continues to get better and better

What you can expect in 2009 at Expert in the Rough:

  • Twists and turns to the focus of this blog, I have vast interests and I am still tweaking my focus.
  • Better writing, longer pieces
  • Real life Interaction with me and other readers via classes and social media platforms
  • Video elements, monthly interviews with real people I know and their approach to life
  • Peaks and valleys to my output, I underestimated the time it takes to raise a baby
  • More “personal posts” sharing what’s working and what is not working
  • Surprises for both of you and me, I can’t predict it all but I know as long as I am inspired opportunities will arise.

2009 is what you make it. Pick your path and trust in what is inside of you.  The only truth you have is the voice and feelings you experience every day.

3 Responses to “The Curious Case of 2008”

  1. patty craft says:

    i reread this post just now and had to chuckle at the underestimation on the amount of time it takes to raise a baby. LOL Thanks for the reminder that a gratitude list OFTEN realigns all that feels wrong in my little world.

    peace & love, patty

  2. Kirk,

    Thanks for your encouragement. I don’t speak a lot about my audio visual career on Expert in the Rough, but I missed a great big Thank you to Kirk Garrean’s at ALP Design.

    Kirk is a first class person and AV professional.

    Kirk was instrumental in helping me engineer my most complicated and sophisticated events of 2008.

    My year would not have been so successful without Kirk.

    So check out his blog link

    or if you are in need of a great AV Professional on your event visit him at

    Thanks again,


  3. Brian,

    I too am grateful for all the good things that happened in 2008, but I’m SO ready for 2009 to get going… the future looks much better than the recent past.

    I know you will be a great papa, and just like I do every day, you will have to make it up as you go. Call me when you want me to make up some fake answer to your fathering questions… I’m getting good at it! (making things up, that is…).

    Happy New Year, and God bless you and your family!