The Blissful Ignorant

Ignorance is BlissSometimes I find myself jealous of those who have chosen the path of bliss.  Those people who live unaware and uninspired.

Why is it important for me to be successful?  Couldn’t I have more fun boating and drinking?  How about a 9 to 5 job with no chance of promotion?

Sometimes I wonder if chasing success and getting it is really just a booby prize.  Maybe a life of unawareness might be more enjoyable.  Take what I am given.  Want not.

Awareness is often promoted as a positive thing in personal development circles but happens to be the “consequence” for Adam and Eve for taking a bite of the forbidden fruit.  In the Old Testament they refer to this forbidden fruit as the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.”  Sounds like a big deal to me.

So what is the answer?  Ignorant or Aware?  Aware sounds so much nicer than ignorant!

From the Book of “Expert in The Rough.”

Here is my stab at this “New Age Old Dilemma.”

I believe it is all about balance, learning and unlearning.

We are all ignorant and skewed in our perspectives.  We don’t know what we don’t know and what we do know is not always true for everyone.

I have met some ignorant people who are blissful and I have met some ignorant people who are miserable.  Of those who are miserable their ignorance comes with consequences.  They often are given what life has left over or “universal leftovers” to steal a term from my Dad.

I also have met some aware people who are miserable and I have met some aware people who are blissful.  Of those who are blissful they have used their awareness to create a better life.  Often this bliss comes from an unlearning so to speak or a chosen ignorance.

Then there are the miserably aware folks.  They dissect every aspect of their life and never find peace.  Nothing is good enough and more and better is a life long “Gap” to being happy and blissful.  If your goals are always more and bigger how can you ever find peace and be still because your desire for more will keep you in perpetual motion.

What camp do you belong to?

Gotcha! If you even take the time to answer that question you are a member of the aware.  I am not sure what that means but at least you are not ignorant, right?

Sorry to waste your time.  This blog post was like an episode of 48 hours (60 minutes and no new information).  No answers here, I am just exploring whether ignorance is an alternative to awareness.

2 Responses to “The Blissful Ignorant”

  1. michael cline says:

    Success seems to me its own reward. ignorance/aware and blissful/miserable are independent variables. Yes, “it is all about balance” thank you, kinda like the peace in “help me change what i can and accept what i cannot” unlearning the the knowledge of evil (or simply: the lie) for myself and allowing for the existence of it in others. Is bliss the product of personally realized meaning/purpose? Thank you again for getting me thinkin, after all, ideas have consequences.

    • Michael,

      I love the “Ideas have Consequences” comment. I truly appreciate when people take the time to share their view as well, being that is my goal for the blog is to get others to think and share back.

      Hope to catch up soon!


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