Tell Me About Yourself

I have been blogging over a year now and for the most part it feels like an outbound experience.  My goal has been to share a little bit of myself and hope that you might find some gems of  widsom or ideas you can use in your life.  They always say it is better to be interested than interesting so tell me a little about what makes you tick.

I know many of my readers get my blog posts via Facebook so you can comment on Facebook or take a peak at my blog at and use the comments section at the end of the post.

What you can share.

  • Whatever you want.
  • A link to something cool
  • Something you would like me to write about
  • Your greatest passion
  • Your greatest fear
  • What you would do with your life if you had no chance of failure and money was not an issue
  • What is your favorite color
  • What is your favorite vacation spot
  • Who is your favorite celebrity, why?
  • Just about anything.

Thanks in advance for sharing a little about yourself.

If you forward this post to 5 Friends you might piss 5 people off.

If you forward this post to 20 Friends you might piss 20 people off.

I was just checking if you were still reading.  Seriously don’t forward this post and quit forwarding emails that guilt trip you with bad luck or promises of great fortunes or a free laptop.

Seriously tell me about yourself!

It’s your turn to talk.

5 Responses to “Tell Me About Yourself”

  1. Richard Terpening says:

    I have been thinking of ways to promote my book, so I was foolish not to mention it. The title of my book is Literature of a Liberated Runner. It is a book of essays, poetry, and short stories I created during my long runs. It is available and
    I am looking forward to future post.

  2. Richard Terpening says:

    Salutations Brian,
    I am 38 years old, married with seven children. In the month of June this year my wife and I had our twelfth wedding anniversary and became grandparents, it was a month of celebration.
    I learned about your blogs from a google search for something I had posted to a message board. What I read was a reflection of what I experience through running. When I run I have many revelations about myself I become a child, a poet, a soldier, and a saint. I proceeded to document all my revelations of my long runs and my wife encouraged me to write a book of literature to give to our children as a gift of my running wisdom. I have recently published this literature to make available to the public.
    I have read several of your blogs and just want to thank you for sharing your ideas and wisdom. You are a wonderful person and I encourage you to keep writing to enlighten and inspire humanity.

    • Richard,

      thanks for such a wonderful comment. One of the nicest ever. Congrats on your new addition to the family and your recently published works.

      Where can I read your literature.


  3. Jenn,

    thanks for being a loyal reader and I consider you one of my best commenter’s.

    Congrats on the new direction. I can relate to wanting to be in the people business.

    My favorite color is Blue by the way.


    Brian Monahan, Expert in the Rough’s last blog post..Tell Me About Yourself

  4. Jenn says:


    I for one love reading your blog – I dont comment maybe as much as I should – but that is not becuase you dont make me think – it is because I read everything from my blackberry….and commenting isnt as easy there as it could be.

    about me – I will tell you I am taking chances with myself far more than ever before. I am putting myself out there – opening my heart and letting people in. Scary as can be, but paying off SO much.

    I am not worrying about how, but I am starting school in the fall to become a holistic life coach. I want to take this passion and the tools I have learned and make a difference in the world. People are the one thing I have remained passionate about my entire life – so it is time to follow that passion. All possible because I believe it which is possible because some amazing people helped me realize that is all it takes

    oh yeah – and green

    much love and thank you for keeping me thinking


    Jenn’s last blog post..a thought for the day….from the pages of my childhood