Tell a Friend, Increase Your Success

Last week Mark Hayward over at My Tropical Escape posed the question “What are your goals for the week?”

I listed 3 goals:

  1. Create a Fitness Plan
  2. Work on a Birthing Plan with my Pregnant Wife
  3. Clean the basement

A simple but powerful exercise.  I publically posted my goals on his website.  What was interesting is over the last week I noticed I was naturally drawn to action on these goals.  In fact on Thursday I ran on the treadmill in the basement and proceeded dripping in sweat to clean the basement.

I have been studying personal development for nearly 20 years and this simple blog post might incorporate two of the most powerful factors for success.

The first is writing down your goals.  I did not write these goals on paper but yes I created a concrete list.  By having a list of goals you now actually have a tool to prioritize your activities for the week.  Should I attend join the Cincy Tweetup or clean the basement.  Should I take a nap or should I lace up my running shoes.

The second is accountability or peer pressure.  I love to publicly proclaim my goals.  Sometimes it comes off cocky but somebody generally asks me about my progress.  I now have an option.  I can be a person who keeps my word or I can be a person who becomes known as all talk or (blog).

I must admit, occasionally I don’t deliver on all my proclamations but more often than not I follow through with my goals.

Your Momentum Monday Assignment:

What are 3 things you need to accomplish this week?

Who are you going to announce it too?

My 3 Goals for the Week!

  1. Get company internal blog online and operational.
  2. Run 12 Miles.
  3. Finish painting the baby’s room.

Blog it, write it, tell a friend.  Success is waiting.

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