Take Two Steps Back

The thing I love about inspiration is often it is not linear. This morning I was reading the book “The Four Agreements.” (Affiliate Link) Being a self proclaimed self-help junkie, I must admit I remember loving this book back in 1997 when it was originally released and I have not spent even a few moments in recent years considering the power of its message.

I am only on the first chapter and it asks me to be “Impeccable with My Word,” and I am realizing I may want to stop reading and just focus on the first agreement before proceeding with the book.

Otherwise, the real reason I am writing is…I just love sharing my inspirations with the world. I started out thinking I wanted to let you know I was reading “The Four Agreements” and if you had read the book and forgotten its message you might pick it back up.

Instead, I was lead to share this fun diagram on “The Positive View on Taking Two Steps Back.” I personally am a very visual and mechanically inclined person. Over the years of working in audio visual productions I have learned a lot about adult learning styles.  So here is my stab at a visual on “Taking Two Steps Back.”


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