Blog Jumping

One of the best ways to grow is to expand your circle of influence.  A “circle of influence” is  a phrase used to describe the people around you.  The world wide web and social media has given us the opportunity to expand our “circles” like no other time in history. My favorite way to expand my circle is by reading blogs.  Recently, I was reading one of my favorite blogs... read more

Are You Indispensable? Linchpin Meetup – Join Us

You can easily identify a genius by the questions they ask versus the answers they have. You can spot a Linchpin by the questions they ask of themselves? What is a Linchpin anyway?  Seth Godin a blogging god and a business thought leader coined the term Linchpin in his latest book (titled “Linchpin”).  Forgive my promotion of Seth to god level but you can’t deny “God In”... read more

Get Out of the Way, I Get to Take Out the Garbage!

Seth Godin, covers a topic my “Dear Old Dad” has been covering for years.  The difference between “Get to!” and “Have to.” Seth’s take is the classic shift of attitude,  seeing the task as an opportunity versus a drudgery. My father Mike Monahan of Life Success Seminars, also teaches in his seminar about “Get to” versus “Have to.” He... read more

Offline Tips Continued

Today Seth Godin blogged on the idea of old world marketing versus the new tools available online.  This ties in well with my post yesterday about 7 Offline Ideas for Marketing your Business. Email and internet tools can create the illusion of reaching a greater audience but often times these tools act as a shield or a shortcut to connecting with your customers or audience. This week I was faced with a... read more

Around the Blogosphere

I am heading out for a little vacation today, here is some info to keep you busy until next week. Your Momentum Monday assignment.  Get some perspective. My favorite blog and newsletter are below: Jeffery Gitomer, Sales Caffeine, sign up via his home page.  Well worth your time and its free. Seth’s Blog, Seth Godin awesome, he is the best blogger on the net.  Click on his bald head to get to his... read more