What’s So Special About 100

Besides 1 Million and a Google you just can’t beat the number One Hundred. Did I forget about Ten.  Ten is alright but it doesn’t have any where near the number of nicknames as 100. AKA a Hondo, a Benjamin, Century, 10 Squared and C for my Roman subscribers.  However you say it 100 is cool.  In fact 100 is so cool people are intimidated by it.  Just shy of 100, 99 over the years has given... read more

Tell a Friend, Increase Your Success

Last week Mark Hayward over at My Tropical Escape posed the question “What are your goals for the week?” I listed 3 goals: Create a Fitness Plan Work on a Birthing Plan with my Pregnant Wife Clean the basement A simple but powerful exercise.  I publically posted my goals on his website.  What was interesting is over the last week I noticed I was naturally drawn to action on these goals. ... read more

Clean Sweep – Building Momentum

STOP Right Now and write down one thing that is nagging you! Have you written it down yet?  I am not going to move forward until you write it down. OK, now write down one thing that is nagging you that can be fixed within the next 24 hours.   This could be dirty dishes, paying bills, a phone call to Mom.  You get the picture.  The key is you must be able to complete it in the next 24 hours. I am going... read more

RSS Till You Drop

If you are “blogged” down with too much content, RSS, is your answer. You have surely seen the letters “RSS” or the “Feed Icon” around he internet. If you’re a “Web 2.0 Expert” you can go ahead and skip this post but for those of you who are still getting your feet wet; this is they key to filtering the muck without blowing up your spam filter. I have... read more

SquiDon’t Dismiss This Website

SquiDoo, take me seriously on this one! Squidoo is a serious website with a silly name.  Quite simply Squidoo is a website that allows you to host free one page websites on any topic of your desire.  Squidoo calls these web pages “Lenses.”  A “Lens” is basically your take or “view” about your chosen topic.  The idea is your lens will help others focus on what is... read more

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