Inspiring People Podcast #2 – Mike Monahan – Recording Link

It’s not everyday you get to interview your “Dear Old Dad.”  As my Dad often says, “I am a blessed man,” meaning almost everyone is looking for a role model or a hero, so much so they often settle for sports figures, celebrities and rock stars.  I on the other hand am one of the lucky ones.  I have access to a fabulous father and role model. I could not be more excited for... read more

Leadership: Are You Prepared? – Mike Monahan

I am proud to share a keynote speech my father delivered at The Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, 2010 Small Business Excellence Awards. I am lucky to have such a great resource, role model and father. Great Job Dad! Learn More About Mike Monahan & Life Success Seminars – Click... read more

Get Out of the Way, I Get to Take Out the Garbage!

Seth Godin, covers a topic my “Dear Old Dad” has been covering for years.  The difference between “Get to!” and “Have to.” Seth’s take is the classic shift of attitude,  seeing the task as an opportunity versus a drudgery. My father Mike Monahan of Life Success Seminars, also teaches in his seminar about “Get to” versus “Have to.” He... read more