Tell a Friend, Increase Your Success

Last week Mark Hayward over at My Tropical Escape posed the question “What are your goals for the week?” I listed 3 goals: Create a Fitness Plan Work on a Birthing Plan with my Pregnant Wife Clean the basement A simple but powerful exercise.  I publically posted my goals on his website.  What was interesting is over the last week I noticed I was naturally drawn to action on these goals. ... read more

I am “Too Shy” for Social Media

Kajagoogoo the Nostradamus of musical acts made a bold prediction in 1983 with their hit song “Too Shy.” When it comes to Social Media, I am “Too Shy.” Social Media has been a buzzword around the blogosphere.  Oops that is too many buzzwords in one sentence but if you were wondering Social Media is basically people talking to each other via electronic media.  This includes blogs,... read more