Do You PK?

Do You PK? I do and so does Cincinnati!  Sleepy and conservative Cincinnati has joined the international movement known as Pecha Kucha Night. You are probably thinking Pecha Kucha, isn’t that one of the Pokémon characters and why is Cincinnati celebrating a “Pocket Monster?”  I don’t blame you for the confusion.  Pecha Kucha and Pokémon do have a common root as they are both... read more

HubSpot Wins my 100th Twitter Follower Contest

Recently I ran a contest on Twitter.  I offered 100 Word Promo to my 100th follower on Twitter.  I find it rather interesting that a Social Media Company ended up being my 100th follower. For those of you unfamiliar with Twitter, it is basically summed up as a Micro-Blogging platform limited to 140 character length blog posts.  This seems like a ridiculous format but it has become the rage of the... read more

Your Life is a Rough Draft

Have you ever given yourself permission to write a rough draft for your life? Instead of creating goals, create drafts.  They are more flexible and allow for more creativity. Drafts are guides which lead to goals and results. Momentum Monday Assignment: Write a rough draft of 10 things you could do in the next 6 months to spice up your life. Don’t censor, just draft.  A draft is a place to dream. ... read more

Alltop of the World

The world according to the movie Dumb and Dumber: Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) wanting to date Mary Swanson (Lauren Holly) Lloyd: The least you could do is level with me. What are my chances? Mary: Not good. Lloyd: You mean like one out of a hundred? Mary: More like one out of a million. Lloyd: So you’re tellin’ me there’s a chance. Sometimes we all need a little encouragement when... read more

I Am A Big Fraud

Have you ever felt like a fraud?  If you are new to blogging or writing you may be experiencing what I like to call Fraud Factor. I experienced my first case of Fraud Factor when I started my personal coaching business in 2001.  In 2001 blogs were a mere sparkle in your eye.  E-zines or E-newsletters were all the rage for marketing your coaching business or just about any business for that matter. I... read more

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