Blog Jumping

One of the best ways to grow is to expand your circle of influence.  A “circle of influence” is  a phrase used to describe the people around you.  The world wide web and social media has given us the opportunity to expand our “circles” like no other time in history. My favorite way to expand my circle is by reading blogs.  Recently, I was reading one of my favorite blogs... read more

What Bloggers & Marketers Can Learn from Pumpkins

What can you learn from a Pumpkin? Last week I was out picking up lunch for my wife and I passed a “farmers market” selling pumpkins.  Alright, I admit it was not much of a “farmers market” it was the strip mall’s parking lot.  But a real farmer had a trailer load of some great looking pumpkins. 50 cents a pound was a little steep but these were “round hard walled... read more