Tag Your Notebooks, Tips for Idea Generation

I admit I am a bit of an “Idea Junky” in fact some have dubbed me the “IdeaManiac.”  My bad habit is buying notebooks.  I am addicted to capturing my ideas.

Recently I came up with an idea.  Imagine that!

Tag or categorize my ideas.  I now have different notebooks for different inspirations.  My biggest idea generator is running, however, I am inspired by just about anything.  I have this huge fear I am going to miss an idea.  Since I have so many ideas and interests I thought it would be cool to track my ideas by the inspiration factor.  I could see if the ideas generated when I was running or just before going to bed or after reading a book, whatever, the category generated different results.  I want to know which inspiration factor leads to the best results.

Here are 3 ideas for categorizing your ideas:

  1. Buy 5 Notebooks and Label them with a Sharpie by category.
  2. Use Google Docs and add category names to your idea lists.  You can now search by keyword.
  3. Create 5 Word Documents on your computer by category.

After a few months or years of documenting your ideas by category or keyword tags you will now have some data to prioritize your ideas.

Note: If you have more than 25 notebooks for tracking your ideas, you might be an IdeaManiac.

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