SquiDon’t Dismiss This Website

SquiDoo, take me seriously on this one!


Squidoo is a serious website with a silly name.  Quite simply Squidoo is a website that allows you to host free one page websites on any topic of your desire.  Squidoo calls these web pages “Lenses.”  A “Lens” is basically your take or “view” about your chosen topic.  The idea is your lens will help others focus on what is important about your topic.

Besides the opportunity to share some knowledge, Squidoo is focused on creating value for you the user.

The entire focus of the website is creating an environment that everybody can win.  Of course as with any open forum people will try to take advantage of the system but Squidoo’s team has been vigilant about keeping it a credible and authentic place.

Here are my ten reason’s why you should create your first lens:

  1. It’s Free
  2. Part of the profits go back to charity (you can donate as well)
  3. You can express yourself
  4. Google loves it (most of the time) and will help your website if you have one
  5. You can use it as a website if you do not have one
  6. Great training on internet and website development
  7. Squidoo is a dedicated community who will share the love
  8. It’s a great place to learn about a variety of topics
  9. I forgot you can make money too (don’t quit your day job)
  10. It’s addictive once you get started

This is your Momentum Monday assignment;

Learn more about Squidoo.  Sign Up and create your first lens.  If you already have a Squidoo Lens you can create a new one or update and old one.  Whatever you do, please share your creation via the comments section.

Here are some links for my Squidoo Pages:

Brian Monahan’s Profile

Marathon Training Schedule (My best ranking)

White Elephant Gift Exchange (my best montly performer ever)

Brian Monahan’s Book List

After you get an opportunity to get aquainted with Squidoo, I will be sharing more detailed strategies to create traffic for your website or blog.

However, in the mean time think of it this way.  Advertising and creating content for your website alone, limits your exposure.  Squidoo is like having your own personal billboard.  I have one caveat before you proceed and this applies to Squidoo and anything you create.  Content is King and unless you create something of value the opportunity for benefit is nullified.

Go ahead and Create Something Awesome!

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  1. i have 20 squidoo pages which are mostly related to health and medicine. i enjoy making squidoo pages and sharing information *.”