Simple Attraction, Laws of Symbolism

Long before I was introduced to the “Laws of Attraction” or Oprah outed “The Secret.”  I was introduced to a concept called visualization.  Visualization generally associated with meditation and is a technique for getting in touch with your goals and desires.

After getting into a meditative state, you visualize in your mind your goal.  The more clearly you can visualize your goal, the greater your chance for success.

In 1993 I was in the United States Marine Corps.  I was a Lance Corporal and was very motivated.  Promotions were slow in my field so my only chance for advancement to Corporal was via Meritorious promotion.  My company has over 200 Lance Corporals and only one Meritorious promotion available each quarter.  I requested a nomination from my supervisor and started to prepare for the competition.

The competition involved performing before a board of senior Marines who would judge each candidate based on their past and current achievements, physical fitness scores, Marine Corps Leadership knowledge and the ability to lead Marines in Drill.

I prepared for the competition with study and practice but I had an ace in the hole.

I had already purchased my Corporal Chevrons and placed them on my desk when I decided to compete in the Meritorious promotion competition.  This actually drew some criticisms from colleagues.  They felt I was naive to think I would get Meritoriously promoted in my first competition.  I told them I just wanted to be prepared.  I secretely knew it was an extension of my visualization techniques I discussed earlier. Actually it would be more appropriate to call it a trigger.

Everyday when I came to work I had to look those Corporal Chevrons in the eye.  Seeing the Chevrons everyday were a trigger to study, practice and believe.

I went on win the competition.  I was Meritoriously promoted on my first try.

What kinds of symbols and triggers do you have in place?

Give it a try, you might be surprised at your results.

FYI, I added a Speaking section to my blog.  I aspire to be a keynote speaker.  I figured I would just go ahead and buy the Chevrons so to “Speak!”

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