Service Made Simple, Just Add Corn

Happy Birthday to Me!

Last week I celebrated my 38th birthday.  My wife asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday.

canofcornI really love parties and entertaining, but I have become bored with the eat, talk and get fat format.  Instead  I suggested we host a “CornHole Tournament.” For those of you not from the Cincinnati area I assure you “CornHole” is not what you think.  CornHole is a fun bean bag toss game similar to horseshoes which supposedly originated in the Westside suburbs of Cincinnati.

Since I am 38  and too old for a traditional birthday party and I  did not want any presents, I decided to request my guests bring a can of corn to donate to the FreeStore Foodbank a local food pantry.  This worked out beautifully.  We collected 24 cans of Corn including one Sam’s Club size can of corn.

The success of my “CornRaiser” got me thinking about how easy it is to serve the world or community when you intertwine it with your everyday life.  In todays very hectic world sometimes the simplest of ideas are the best.

I challenge you to come up with a simple Fund Raiser to make a difference.

Here are a few to get started

  • Cookie Buffet:  At work request co-workers bake a dozen cookies to bring into the “Cookie Buffet” those that bring cookies get free admission to the buffet and charge others a cover charge.  Donate the proceeds to a charity.
  • Food Drive:  Put a large basket or bucket near the front desk of your office and collect can goods year round.
  • White Elephant Silent Auction:  Request co-workers to donate an item of value that they just never use but maybe somebody else might find more useful.  Have the items on display for a week with bid sheets.  The money collected can be donated to a local charity.

These a just a few ideas, post your ideas and successes in the comments area.

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