RSS Till You Drop

If you are “blogged” down with too much content, RSS, is your answer.

You have surely seen the letters “RSS” or the “Feed Icon” around he internet.

RSS feedbutton

RSS Feed Button

If you’re a “Web 2.0 Expert” you can go ahead and skip this post but for those of you who are still getting your feet wet; this is they key to filtering the muck without blowing up your spam filter.

I have had various explanations of what RSS stands for but the most common reference is Really Simple Syndication.

Basically speaking an “RSS Feed” is a broadcast or reference which allows a “RSS Feed Reader” to know when a blog or website is updated.

This is beneficial to both the publisher and subscriber.  The updates are automatic and come in various formats.

My favorite part of subscribing to a RSS Feed is it allows me to keep track of my favorite blogs without actually having to visit each and every website to check for updates.  It’s a huge time saver. You might be tempted to say, “I could just bookmark my favorite sites” but remember your bookmarks will not tell you if there is new content. (Some browsers may be able to provide this information)

My favorite feed reader is Bloglines. It allows me to create folders and publish a public list of my feeds.  I like the public feed so you can see the blogs I read.  I think it’s a great way to share where my opinions are influenced.  You can see the feeds I subscribe to to the right listed as “The Blogs I Read.”

I also recommend Google Reader.  Its easy to use and allows for sharing of your feeds with other Gmail users.

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Your Momentum Monday Assignment:

Set up a feed reader account.  If you don’t want to use Google Reader or Bloglines there are a number of other options.  Do a Google Search and pick the one that fits you best.

Now that you have your feed reader set up.  Subscribe to the Expert in the Rough Feed on the top right.

Extra Credit:

Send me your public list of feeds in your reader via the comments section below.

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