Rekindle Your Passion

Personal Passion Project InsightsThe Personal Passion Project is off and running. 6 fantastic people have chosen a different path, an authentic path of passion.

I am so grateful for this group of people. One of the greatest gifts I find from teaching is the “Quantum Feedback” you get from others lessons and insights.

During the most recent class the group was sharing their experiences outside the class engaging their passion. Being a firm believer in “the perfect storm” a number of the class members have overlapping passions and interests but are at different points on the journey.

One of the group members is an experienced photographer but has lost touch with his passion and another group member was just getting started. The experienced photographer and new photographer were able to connect outside the class.

The experienced photographer shared how he noticed his excitement and energy grow as he shared his ideas on what type of camera to purchase and how to get the best shot. This became a fantastic insight for me and the class.

Life is an ebb and flow and the energy of our passions is ever changing. As we become masters of our passion we have to find new sources of kindling to keep the fire burning. One technique is deepening our knowledge of our passion and another is sharing it.

The latter is really the best path to the prior by the way.

One of the best ways to rekindle a passion is to “Spark” or inspire others to take up your (their) passion. I think one of the traps of passion is seeking elusive euphoria of “The First Time” but teaching just might be the answer to this dilemma.

Do you have a passion you want to rekindle? Teach, Share and Inspire and the passion will find you!

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