Proof Negative

I am voting for Barack Obama.  With that out the way, I can now waste a bunch of time confirming my decision.  John McCain is surely going to say something I don’t agree with and he will surely make a mistake in his campaign I can exploit.  That is why I am voting for Obama.

But, so will Barack Obama but I won’t notice.  I have already made my decision so I look
to confirm he is right via John McCain’s missteps and old school opinions.  It really doesn’t make much sense to use this as evidence but that is how I will proceed.

You might find it interesting that I am admitting this but I am getting the feeling this is a pretty common
practice.  With the presidential election drawing closer, I am dipping on more and more restaurant conversations.

The election is a hot topic outside of gas prices.

It is very interesting when a table full of people are in agreement and talk freely about their candidate or should I say their candidate’s opponent?  What I have noticed is much of the talk is about what is wrong with the other candidate versus what is right about their candidate.

Now, this is not a political post.  I consider myself very a-political.  I think politics are a bit of a bore.  However, I do think it is something to be aware of in your life and business.

First start to take notice.  When faced with a decision, do you already have your mind made up?  Do you
engage in arguments or discussions with an openness that there might actually be a valid opposing opinion or do you already know the answer?

Second, when sharing an idea, concept or opinion, have you taken into account the other person either agrees or disagrees with you already?  What is your plan to overcome this scenario?  What do you focus on in presenting your case?  Do you focus on what is right about your idea or what is wrong about others?  By the way, why are politics and religion off limits?  It is just your opinion.  Don’t you want to share it?

Just something to think about.

Do you agree?

2 Responses to “Proof Negative”

  1. Dennis,

    Its a good point, there seems like there should be some kind of balance when it comes to politics. I have found I don’t share my ideas about politics often enough because it often causes people to go on the offensive.

    the idea of the two party political system is really absurd when you think about the various views this nation has.

    I think the parties serve themselves more than they serve us.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts Dennis.


  2. I think, trying to convince someone who doesn’t agree with you about something like, politics can be frustrating – I’ve found most people don’t want to hear your thoughts, they want to tell you theirs.