Please Buy “YOURNAME” Dot Com,

When you hit it big you can thank me for this request.

Buy your freakin name as a “Dot Com” today.  I am serious.  Go to right now and buy it.

“Do Not Pass Go!” until you buy your domain name.  Keeping with the “Monopoly” reference, you have to think of “YOURNAME.COM” as the “BoardWalk” of web properties.  I promise you for only $10 a year you will thank me.  If you should hit it big you will want to develop this web property and promote yourself.

I speak from experience when I say do it now.  I have been trying to buy for over 10 years with no avail.  Some other scum sucker named Brian Monahan bought it up and has squatted on it for years.  I can’t blame him.  He knows I am working hard to build my personal brand.  Luckily Brian came available this past year and I snatched it up.  I am in the early phases of developing the domain but it already shows up well in search results on Google.

If you are still with me and have any web savvy I recommend you go pick up other web properties using your name.

Here is a quick checklist:

  • Facebook fan page using your name as the address

If you are lucky and have a really unique name you probably have nothing to worry about but if you have a name like mine which has become almost John Smith in the USA you might have some challenges.  Remember anybody can buy your name and if you hit it big somebody probably will.  In fact I am considering buying up names of friends and family who I think are going to hit it big and resell them their names for a profit later.

Seriously, please buy today.  I promise you it is worth the investment.

Warning do not search for your name using Network Solutions you will pay to much for it there and I have heard that people have come back to find their name purchased and hijacked for a ransom (seriously) from a foreign country.  I use a program I downloaded from to safely search the availability of domain names I might purchase.

Once you own your own domain name and other web properties you can now develop web content to promote yourself or career.  This may feel a bit narcissistic but think of it like having a 1-800 phone number with your name in it but better.  When someone asks how can I reach you, just say, “visit my site” my contact information is on the website.

If for chance your name is not available, GoDaddy often makes suggestions that are pretty good options.

Good luck, I promise you it is worth it.

For those of you reading Expert in the Rough looking for personal branding tips, this is by far the most important one I will ever give.

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